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TIMBERplus History

Please see below for a list of our TIMBERplus History milestones:

  • 2000: First Product line TIMBERplus – Classic. Which came from a customer order as a result of wanting an ERP system for the veneer trade
  • 2001: New development TIMBERplus – Classic – Veneer Grading Line. An automatic veneer sorting system
  • 2003: New development TIMBERplus – Classic line extended to include Veneer production
  • 2004: New development TIMBERplus – Classic line extended to include Vat Control
  • 2005: New development TIMBERplus – Classic – Veneer Measurement. An automatic veneer measuring system
  • 2007: Created our CRP system to track customer’s requests internally
  • 2008: New development TIMBERplus – Classic – Forklift. A communication module between the forklift driver and the operations employee.
  • 2009: New product line TIMBERplus – neXt created with neXt – Veneer being the first module

2010: Celebrated 10 years of TIMBERplus





  • New development TIMBERplus – Mobile – Camera Client. An application which allows you to take photos of veneer and sawn timber


  • New development CRP System. Extended so that customers can also track the progress of their ID’s


  • New development TIMBERplus – neXt. Extended to include Log with the first module allowing to complete the process of Log Purchase through to veneer sales


  • New Product TIMBERplus – One, which is multiplatform line that can therefore work on all devices
  • New Product TIMBERplus – neXt – ERP, specifically designed for the Timber industry with modules for Veneer, Layon, Panel, Sawn Timber and Log.
  • New Product TIMBERplus – Vision Advanced, which is a technical upgrade from our old Vision unit using up to date technology to provide our customers with the best possible photos of their veneer.


  • New Products added to the TIMBERplus – One Range including Apps for Veneer and Layons.