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New Developments

The Classic line continues to extend with Veneer Grading Line, Vat Control, Forklift and a veneer measuring system.

A new product line is developed with TIMBERplus neXt – Veneer Stock warehouse.

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New Multiplatform Products

TIMBERplus – One is developed to work on all devices with apps for veneer, bundle, sawn timber log, and timber log.

New CRP System is extended so that customers can track the progress of their ID’s.


Continuous innovation

TIMBERplus – HUB, our revolutionary ecosystem of cloud-based solutions is launching soon.



Our Roots

Our first Product line TIMBERplus – Classic is born as a result of redesigning an ERP system for the veneer trade.

This was the beginning of continuous improvement, with the creation of more solutions for the veneer industry. 

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1st Decade of Success

A new product line is developed: TIMBERplus – Mobile.

TIMBERplus – neXt is extended to include modules for Sawn Timber, Layon and Logs. Allowing to complete the process of Log Purchase through to veneer sales.

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20 years Together

Celebrating 20 years of new products, new apps, and amazing customers from all over the world on-board.


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