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Classic – Veneer Grading

Classic – Veneer Grading

The Classic – Veneer Grading is a Windows based Veneer grading solution for pallet, log run and single bundles. Quality, grades and notes (e.g. strong figure, sap, flowery) can be assigned to a bundle via our barcode scanner or by manual selection. Whilst grading the stock you are checking it against the supplier tallies recording any anomalies.



  • Efficient classification of veneer bundles for immediate purchase analysis while grading
  • Refined user interface with visual and audible feedbacks needs less training
  • Barcode based remote control options requires less staff to operate the solutions
  • Initiate best practice workflows for fast operation
  • Designed and influenced by experienced veneer staff



  • Pallet, log and single bundle grading
  • Quick grading function for whole pallets
  • Pallet management for each grade
  • Automatic barcode recognition without preselecting the supplier
  • Automatic identification of species and available qualities
  • Visualisation of colour differences of the veneer quality on screen
  • Audible notification for each operation
  • Functions for bundle manipulation e.g. remeasure, allowance, measure back, clip and split
  • Various print options for bundle/log/pallet labels with automatic barcode printing
  • Customised options to add comments at log level for grain, colour, faults etc.
  • Integration with forklift solution
  • Add missing bundles by scanning
  • Identify missing bundles from the supplier


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