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One – Sawn Timber

One – Sawn Timber

Sawn Timber Sales, Sawn Timber Grading, Sawn Timber Measurement and Sawn Timber Administration

The One – Sawn Timber app serves the purpose of administration for Sawn Timber including Sawn Timber Sales. Search logs by scan or manual input to grade and measure dried logs. Sell logs or single boards to selected customers and add sales prices. In addition you can print barcode labels to identify the logs or boards by scan.


  • More flexibility with being able to use this app anywhere in the warehouse
  • No need to decide what platform to use this on as it works for all, Windows 10 Desktop, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS and Android
  • Save time with our easy input feature for board dimensions.
  • Quickly add new logs
  • Make your company more efficient by utilising time spent in the warehouse, instead of having to keep going back to your computer
  • Save time with automatic updates sent to the desktop system, no need to spend time downloading information
  • Increase selling opportunities by being able to see newly graded stock immediately.
  • Works with our TIMBERplus neXt system



  • Administration of Sawn Timber logs
  • Measuring of Sawn Timber
  • Grading of Sawn Timber
  • Sawn Timber Sales
  • Easily identify logs/boards by scan
  • Print barcode labels