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BSS featuring in HK Magazine – Furnier Special
BSS featuring in HK Magazine – Furnier Special
14. February 2024

This month we had an article featuring in the HK Magazin- Furnier Special

We are happy to share with you our article “Robust tools for greater Efficiency”. We spoke about BSS Business Software Solutions – TIMBERplus on-going commitment to tackle real-world challenges within the wood industry.

For all our english speaking audience, we have made a summary so you won’t miss out.

A new era for the wood industry

The EUDR has brought a new era of accountability for the wood industry, mandating traceability of the supply chain for wood products sourced from non-deforested areas. As companies are now facing the obligation of providing due diligence statements, followed by substantial supporting data there is a struggle in the technology gap.

Recognising this critical need, BSS has taken the initiative in delivering innovative software solutions that aim to increase efficiency and drive digital transformation. The company philosophy has always been focused on automating manual processes and optimising operations. With this in mind, TIMBERplus Log Purchase App has been upgraded. Now it enables the collection of geolocation data for each wood log and ensure seamless traceability of products in the whole production process, right down to individual veneer bundles.

Innovation as a main focus

BSS, with more than two decades of experience in the wood industry, maintains a commitment to innovation and solution development. The focus revolves around addressing practical challenges encountered by customers. Ensuring that every feature and function is tailored to the needs of industry workers.

In collaboration with Balti Spoon, BSS has launched the TIMBERplus Production Apps. Which have transformed wood production processes. These specialized apps focus on veneer clipping, machine selection, veneer joining, and layon grading. They enhance yield calculation, material tracking, Work-In-Progress management, and production planning by considering factors such as minimum stock levels, demands, and material consumption. The generated data, including user insights, shift data, and machine analytics, proves invaluable for analysis, ultimately improving efficiency and quality.

Transforming businesses digitally

BSS has addressed the complexity of data and paperwork in transactions by integrating its software with ecoDMS, a document management system. This integration facilitates streamlined customer transaction management. It allows users to seamlessly link documents from both systems, thereby enhancing workflow efficiency.

In addition, all documents related to a process, including harvesting permits, shipping lists, transport receipts, and invoices, are easily accessible and can be quickly provided. Such as during FSC or other audits, with the simple push of a button.

New additions to the family of TIMBERplus Apps

The latest addition is the TIMBERplus Edgebanding App. A cloud-based solution that enables real-time data synchronization when connected to the internet. It stands out for its effective stock management and streamlined production planning, enhancing optimization of specific order demands from suppliers.

In 2024, TIMBERplus Web Veneer Applications will be introduced, offering web-based solutions for real-time information access from any internet-connected device. The flexibility of these applications caters to users working from diverse locations, providing adaptable viewing options for inventory details at various levels, from pallets to veneer logs and bundles.

Always adapting to industry changes

In a world of constant change, BSS remains at the forefront of addressing the evolving challenges in the wood industry, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and customer support that distinguishes them as industry leaders.

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