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Mapping the Future of Wood Compliance with Geolocation
Mapping the Future of Wood Compliance with Geolocation
27. November 2023

Streamline Compliance with TIMBERplus: A Geolocation Upgrade for Enhanced Wood Industry Traceability


In response to the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), the Wood Industry is undergoing transformative changes. Compliance with these regulations demands innovative tools, and at TIMBERplus, we’re at the forefront of this evolution. Our latest upgrade to the TIMBERplus – Log Purchase App addresses crucial traceability issues, making compliance more accessible for businesses.

Adapting to regulatory changes is challenging, however our aim is to simplify the process. The upgraded TIMBERplus – Log Purchase App introduces features that enhance traceability in the Wood Industry. We understand that compliance can be both difficult and costly. Which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive solution.

In our last blog, we gave you a sneak peek of TIMBERplus – Log Purchase App upgrades. Now, here is how they work and why they make following Wood Industry rules simpler and better. The upgrade allows users to seamlessly record geolocation data using Google Maps. When in the field recording log information, two new buttons appear on the app interface, significantly enhancing geolocation capabilities.

Dot geolocation

Dot Geolocation:

Situated at the bottom of the screen, this button automatically saves the log geolocation when the device’s geolocation is active. Perfect for areas under 4hectares. It simplifies recording locations where logs are loaded or collected. In addition, it ensures that multiple logs at the same point are displayed on the map.

If the loading/collecting place of the log yard is out of harvesting area, for each separate log we can change manually the geolocation and to mark exact point/dot of harvesting.

Polygon Geolocation:

Positioned below the log information, this button allows users to manually draw and select areas on the map. Making it suitable for surfaces exceeding 4 hectares. The drawn polygon calculates the surface area in hectares and describe the perimeter of harvesting. Providing flexibility for accurate location mapping.

Polygon geolocation

Interests about maximum surface areas are answer with the term “Plot of land.” This refers to a harvesting area under a single real estate property owner. If ownership changes within the surface area, users must create multiple polygons, each representing a distinct plot of land.





Once entered into the Log Purchase App, log information and geolocation data will synchronize with TIMBERplus Next whenever the device connects to the internet. This ensures information accuracy, even in areas with poor reception.

TIMBERplus Next


Geolocations are prominently displayed in TIMBERplus Next’s Stockinfo screen under the “GPS” column. By marking on an icon and clicking on the button named “GPS position” opens a map screen with the saved polygon coordinates, offering users a visual representation of their data.




Polygon geolocation TIMBERplus

The collected information is integral to due diligence requirements. Data exported from TIMBERplus software can be directed to the European Union server or communicated to third-party software via API, to facilitate comprehensive compliance.

Our goal is to enhance traceability throughout the product lifecycle. By integrating geolocation upgrades, TIMBERplus ensures the path of each product is fully known. Aligning with the industry’s evolving regulatory landscape.


To ensure our customers stay ahead in the industry, we will offer a webinar to guide you through adapting to the latest changes introduced by EUDR. Keep an eye out for the date and details to join.