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EUDR Decoded: A recap of our webinars
EUDR Decoded: A recap of our webinars
16. February 2024

A recap of our EUDR Focused Webinars and innovations for compliance.

In the second week of February, we hosted two enlightening webinars dedicated to the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) in the TIMBERplus Academy.

It was very exciting to witness the participation of familiar faces from across the globe, all eager to delve deeper into the intricacies of regulations shaping our industry.

Webinar 9.02.24 attendees

With approximately 60 attendees hailing from various corners of the world, spanning from Australia, where some joined late at night, to the United States, where others were just starting their day. We were honoured to welcome participants from Italy, Ghana, the U.K., Germany, Austria, Estonia, Romania, and many more.


EUDR Essentials: Insights into the Regulatory Landscape

The initial session catered to businesses in the wood industry seeking additional information and clarity regarding EUDR requirements and the transformative changes it brings to their operational landscape.

Webinar 7.02.24 screenshot


Dr. Sretenovic, PhD in forestry and wood processing, expert and integral part of our TIMBERplus Team, led an insightful webinar providing a comprehensive overview of the EUDR.

The session covered the implications of departing from the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR). Emphasising the collection and aggregation of information crucial for due diligence in compliance with the new regulation.

Also, it served as a valuable resource for attendees, enhancing their comprehension of the regulation’s implications. In addition, it cleared up the specific information essential for compliance, providing a clear roadmap for collecting necessary data. Furthermore, the session aided participants in understanding the various processes involved in submitting a due diligence statement. Offering practical insights for navigating this crucial aspect of regulatory compliance.



Tailored Solutions for TIMBERplus Users: A Deep Dive into EUDR Compliance

The second webinar, specifically designed for current TIMBERplus system users, provided a platform to showcase our team’s innovative software solutions aimed at tackling challenges arising from new regulations. Through a live demo, we visually presented the entire supply chain of a product, highlighting how our innovations seamlessly facilitate data gathering.

Attendees witnessed our TIMBERplus solutions in action during a live demonstration conducted by our skilled Developers Team. The demo showcased the functionality of Apps like TIMBERplus Log Purchase, demonstrating how log buyers can set geolocations for collected logs.

9.02.24 webinar demo

This geolocation data is then synchronized with TIMBERplus neXt whenever the device connects to the internet. Our objective is to enhance traceability throughout the product lifecycle, ensuring complete visibility into the path of each product. This integration aligns with the industry’s evolving regulatory landscape.



Industry Impact: Contributing Innovations to Timber Compliance

As our commitment to knowledge and development remains unwavering, we are delighted to contribute our innovations to the wood industry. We thank all attendees for their active participation, questions, and uncertainties, which play a pivotal role in inspiring solutions to address the challenges faced by everyone in the industry.

Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars, where we will continue to share the latest insights and developments related to the EUDR, ensuring that our audience remains well-informed and prepared for the evolving landscape.





To ensure our customers stay ahead in the industry, we will offer a webinar to guide you through adapting to the latest changes introduced by EUDR. Keep an eye out for the date and details to join.