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Good news… Our new Product line TIMBERplus – One has been released
Good news… Our new Product line TIMBERplus – One has been released
10. July 2017

TIMBERplus – One

We have had the idea for our new product line TIMBERplus – One for quite some time, to be honest…it probably took us just as long to develop it as to name it…but after several debates we got there!

It differs from all our other products as it is a Multiplatform application.


‘What is a multiplatform application?’ Well a Multiplatform application is a piece of software that can work on most smart devices.

Yes that’s correct you no longer need to have the internal argument of ‘What device should I buy?’ ‘Should I just stick with what I have, as I know how to use it?’ ‘Do I really need that?’ and so on – I know I do this every time whether it be a new phone, tablet or laptop the options are endless but you need to make sure you get a device that is compatible with all your current programs and the programs you wish to use in the future.

Well we are glad to say that we have made your decision easier as it’s available for Windows 10 Desktop and Mobile, iOS and Android giving you a similar experience across all of your devices.

We have currently developed 5 applications in TIMBERplus – One, with a view to creating more in the future and perhaps even going through old applications and updating them into this new product format so that our customers have more options available to them – if any of the TIMBERplus – Mobile range was to be updated then we will Blog/Tweet about it so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

How the App Works

The applications will be available on the app stores free of charge but you will need a TIMBERplus system, Wi-Fi coverage, on premises server and a licence for them to work, you will also be given a trial period to help decide what works best for your business.

We would like to thank the customers who have worked with us to help us develop these App’s.

For those of you that are already using the apps we would be happy for any feedback whether it is praise or criticism’s to help us develop these further to your specific needs and if you have time please go to the app store and rate the app.

For those that are currently not using the apps, over the upcoming weeks/months we will be bringing you more details on each application and how it could be helpful for your business! If you do have any questions before the blogs are released please do not hesitate to contact ourselves and we will be more the happy to help.

We hope you all enjoy the App’s as much as we have enjoyed developing them for you.