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As promised in our previous Blog we will be letting you know in detail about our new products. This week we will be talking to you about the TIMBERplus One -Veneer Offer app.

This app is for the creation and administration of veneer offers, with this multiplatform app you won’t have the task of deciding what device to use as it works for Windows 10 desktop and mobile, iOS and Android devices.

This app is for the salespeople who want to create offers, show lists and tally’s either from the comfort of their own desk or when they are in the warehouse.

Veneer logs can be easily identified by scan in association with our various available scanners, with the device camera or if you are not in the warehouse you are also able to manually type in the log number(s).

In addition to this the software automatically groups together by species and quality saving you time not having to go back and forth between offer line items.

‘What happens if I select the wrong log by mistake?’ We are all human and to be human is to error so we have added a button in the app where you will be able to remove unwanted logs from the offer line and then swap back to continue to add more logs.

Once all logs have been input and you are happy, then it’s just a simple click to save. The show list and tally can be printed if desired, ready for the customer when they arrive.

‘What happens if I need to edit the offer as the customer would also like to look at something else while they are here?’ We have you covered for this, with a few simple clicks you will be able to edit the offer and print off a new tally sheet and show list or offers produced with this app are able to be edited and converted into orders on the TIMBERplus neXt system.

The app requires a TIMBERplus system, Wi-Fi coverage, on premises server and a licence for it to work and comes with a trial period before purchase. Training can be arranged on site, on Skype or we have a ‘How to’ guide’s on our TIMBERplus WIKI page.

This app has been developed to make it cost effective for our customers, it is free to download from the app store and you will be able to find the links on the website. Currently this has only be released to download in the Apple App store, further releases will follow upon request.

Please contact us for more details and let us know your feedback so that we can develop this further for you in the future.

Look out for further blogs about our new product range – Can’t wait till then? Please visit our website which provides basic details of each product or contact us to discuss these further.

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