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Releasing our online TIMBERplus Academy
Releasing our online TIMBERplus Academy
11. November 2022

Are you always on the run, full of meetings, and struggling to find time for our trainings? We understand and found a solution for you!

We know that nowadays everyone needs more flexible and mobile ways to connect, work and prepare. Thinking of our customers and their busy agendas, we are releasing our Online TIMBERplus Academy. Our goal with the TIMBERplus Academy is that you feel confident using our solutions, and get the most out of their features.

We are very thrilled to give you access to this new tool because we know it will help you and your company accomplish your goals!

In our brand new TIMBERplus Academy, you will find different types of paid and free online content to make you an expert on our solutions, apps, and third-party integrations. For your convenience, we have created videos, that you can watch at any time from any device, so you can make the most out of your time. You can even watch it along with your team to help them feel more prepared.

At the TIMBERplus Academy you can find:

  • On-demand trainings and demos for our software and 3rd party solutions.
  • Find overview videos of our solutions and discover which ones could be of use to your business.
  • Videos for commonly asked questions of certain processes and solutions.
  • And so many more videos to come!


How can you join our online TIMBERplus Academy ?

Very easy! Go to, click on Enroll now, and enter your details to create your account and log in.

TIMBERplus academy home screen











TIMBERplus Academy online course



Once you are logged in, check the courses we have available for you.

Choose the course you would like to enroll in and request access by clicking on Access course, follow by clicking Request access.







TIMBERplus Academy access course

When the access has been granted, you will receive an email to start your training.


If you have received an email invitation to a course.

Just click on “Accept Course Invitation”  to create your account. Then follow the instructions to access the course.


If you cannot find the training that you need, contact us and we will make sure to provide it.


As you know we are always looking for a way to improve your experience with TIMBERplus, for this reason, if you have any feedback or comment don’t hesitate to contact us. This way we can keep up with our customers high standards and continue and deliver quality content.


Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for notifications on updates for Apps, modules, and more! In the meantime check our website which will provide you with basic details of all our products as well as the latest versions, and up-to-date features and benefits. If you have any questions or would like more details please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to discuss this with you.