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TIMBERplus innovations in Furnier Magazine 2020
TIMBERplus innovations in Furnier Magazine 2020
7. December 2020
We are happy to share with you TIMBERplus article in the Furnier Magazin 2020, where we featured on Pages 98-102. If you would like to read the article in German click in the link below:

Furnier Magazin 2020

For the English speakers, here is a small summary:

On this article we talked about how we had to face the obstacles of travel restrictions to the USA at the beginning of the pandemic. Having close and personal relationships with our customers its a very important part of our business. Therefore, we wanted to be there to come up with specific solutions for their businesses, since each company has their own processes and requirements.

These restrictions did not stop TIMBERplus from finding new projects in Europe. In August, for example. We worked with Lubelski Fornir in Poland where we completed the installation of an automatic veneer grading line in one week.

We implemented our software and met new customers during this time, like for the Portuguese veneer merchant Alfredo Correia. As well as, for the Italian veneer trading company Legnomarket, which has one of the largest veneer warehouses in Europe.

During this year, our developers created new apps and improved existing ones. Among others for the One Product Info App, its now possible to scan any barcode on the log yard with a handheld device or smartphone and display all recorded information about the product that later, can be sent directly via email.

There were changes on some tools as well, since some devices running on Windows Mobile operating system which is no longer supported by Microsoft we converted the Apps to our TIMBERplus One Platform which runs on Android, Windows 10 and Apple iOS.

Overall, this difficult year did not stop us from reaching our goals and continue innovating and delivering our customers the best solutions for their businesses.


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