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TIMBERplus One – Veneer Stock Info
TIMBERplus One – Veneer Stock Info
21. April 2022

Since our old app Mobile Veneer Stock Info had many restrictions for our customers, like the fact that was only available for Android and IOS devices, we had to do something. For this reason, we introduce you to our new One – Veneer Stock Info App. This multiplatform App gives you the freedom to download it to your devices with the operating system Android, IOS, or Windows.


No more unnecessary efforts

This App is particularly useful for sales agents in the wood industry due to its features that facilitate their job while showcasing more efficiently the products on stock. In the past, they needed to perform a series of efforts like carrying around 30 cm samples of the veneer available on the mill to show their customers, and maybe not even finalizing a sale. The features in this App, allow the sales representative to take pictures and videos of the whole warehouse stock and keep them in one place: the One-Veneer Stock Info App.


Visits to customers are now very simple. You don’t have to worry anymore about bringing all your inventory with you.

Now you can have all your current stock on your device, with an effort as simple as taking a picture or a video. Once you have all your inventory in the device, you have the option to use specific filters like species, length, and many more, that help you organize it better.

The One-Veneer Stock Info app has been improved with multiple sharing possibilities. Of course, email is always a very useful sharing option, but to keep up with modern communications we have added more. You will be able to share with third-party apps, such as a direct message to a customer on WhatsApp or Teams, or promote them through social media directly on Instagram.

We believe all these new features will help you save time on customer visits. Now your meetings will run smoothly with all the tools integrated for your convenience.



TIMBERplus Veneer software One stock info app– How will I know that the pictures of my stock will not be used by others? Don’t worry! The app allows you to add a watermark to your images and videos, as well as the ability to position it where it’s best for you. This way your media can only be used by your own agents.

– How can I find a specific log or pallet from my stock? With the filtering functions, it can be done easily. You can search by characteristics, structure, and other filters for what you need. The media will also show the log data on each picture.

There is a flexible training option with this App, it can be done on-site or online training sessions upon request. We also have ‘How to’ guides on our TIMBERplus Support Portal as well as phone, email, and remote support available after the training is complete.

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