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Helping shape our children’s future
Helping shape our children’s future
27. May 2022

TIMBERplus efforts to shape children’s future

At times we don’t stop to appreciate how lucky we are to be born under certain circumstances. Living in a safe place, having access to basic living needs, and being healthy, are privileges not everyone has. Occasionally, we forget about the less fortunate situations people worldwide live in and the uncontrollable forces that dictate their futures.TIMBERplus social responsibility Plan International

Therefore, we feel it’s part of TIMBERplus social responsibility to help improve the situation in which some children in developing countries live. For this reason, we have joined PLAN International project, to help shape the development of children in these places.

In these projects, Plan International helps families overcome difficulties in different aspects of their lives that are very hard to change or in which they don’t have the resources to do it. These factors include social problems such as war, poverty, lack of rights, sickness, and many more.

With the donations, they make sure children from different communities around the world, get better opportunities to receive an education and prepare them for the challenges of the future. In addition, they facilitate the infrastructure for building wells and water points so the people have access to clean drinking water, as well, like medical care.


Our Contribution

plan international program donationTogether with our sister company BDS, we joined one of their programs where our donations will go to children in need. We took part in this project since we believe that although it might not fix the problem, it can help on ways to confront different social and economical issues and give children the chance for a better future.

We feel lucky to be able to give a part of everyone’s work at TIMBERplus to a cause like this one, which we are sure will be significant in someone’s life and future. Our support is represented with the tiles on the pictures, which have the names of our company and our sister’s company BDS. We both have chosen quotes that we believe have a strong and meaningful message that inspires us to help ours children around the world.

If you would like to know more about Plan International and ways you can also help, we invite you to visit their website.